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  • Ellen Liguori

Marvel 1

Drawing in the middle seat of an aircraft is always a unique challenge, in as much as it is REALLY important to prevent one's pencil from rolling, lol. A lovely family of seven, with their sweet-tempered baby were an interested audience, as was the flight crew. Perspective is a little challenging, for sure, as there is no standing back for objective viewing. This piece and I are in early stages of striving to reflect, both the striking effect of lighting on the infant, and his intense and studying gaze. My goal here, as usual really, is to draw the subject contemplating. The inner world of an unwitting poser exposed a bit, during that snapshot of a moment. In a way, this is both similar and opposing to the last piece, in which reflection and glass obscured the eyes. In using reference like these, the art must focus itself intensely on barely perceptible subtleties. Both images are challenging in this as they offer less to work with visually around "the windows to the soul", but the child reference allows much more access, despite the obscurity. Somewhat dramatic light and shadow are binding factors in the pieces, acting, almost, as fog blurring these models' fleeting access to their thoughts. The challenge of a veil, of sorts, draws me to an image, and is the source of some colourful language. As an artist, and as a person, I am drawn to examining people in this way. Unguarded, contemplative, with a bit of soul accessible by their voyeurs. Onward here, as I realize I have an unconsciously chosen theme for a series. While I was away, I photographed a magnificent woman in Hoboken. I paid her a wee bit to allow it, but after seeing her beautiful images, I wish I had offered much more. I can only hope that on my next trip, she will be, again, on that bench. She is my next portrait in this grouping, yet unnamed.

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