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  • Ellen Liguori

Maestro 5

So, I've been art-ing along, with a few mishaps and adjustments along the way. Last night, I crossed that ugly line into impulse driven, fatigue art. As is often the case if I work when I'm tired, impulsivity and bad art judgment gained a foothold. I found an extra white chalk and thought, in my addled state, that it was a fine time to emphasize areas of highlight. This is usually done as a last step in my process as part of the finishing touches, that make the piece sing. So highlight away, I did, despite the lack of a completed rendering. No arm, no book, no hand (even still), disproportioned pants etc. I brought the piece upstairs to better see it from a distance and was quite mortified to see that I had created the silhouette of a caricature, with a tiny bottom, in relation to the upper areas. While the proportions of this piece will reflect that mildly (I took the reference photo from above my subject, standing on the sofa), the exaggerated proportions formed by impulsive strokes, are amusing, only today, after the repairs have been done. Beau, ever honest to a fault, stated, quite seriously, and accurately, that his conductor looked like a genie coming out of a bottle. When the piece is finished and I'm over the mishap, I'll post the offending photo of the "genie" alongside, what I hope will be, a nicely proportioned portrait of a lovely and talented conductor.

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