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  • Ellen Liguori

Gaze 8

So, here we are. Taking reverse selfie images of what I believe is a finished work with my selfie only broken phone. As Tate so elegantly put it, it is trippy taking a good photo, even with his normal camera, because both the glare on the glasses psychs you out thinking the glare is outside of the image, and the perspective looking slightly upward from below, convince you the photo is off a bit. So either I get artistic cred for those features, or just need a new phone or, a bit off both. Contrary to the end, here she is. The irony of that is not lost, lol. In the partial photo, I am struggling with dyslexic like image interpretation thru my reverse view. Perhaps a headstand would have made this easier. Today's adjustments were both tightening up the image and adding looser painterly strokes, plus some value emphasis to reinforce and enhance the composition. Hoping, we stroked and marked and hardened and softened our girl to where she needs to be.

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