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  • Ellen Liguori

Gaze 6

Completely redid the hair. The first rendition was "pretty", but distracting from the message I was trying to convey in terms of a dynamic composition and a thought provoking expressiveness. More often than not, for me, the work starts its' own wandering journey. A fair bit into the piece, I follow, and usually it leads to a work I am happy with, albeit, not one that went exactly according to plan. This one was heading to a somewhat conventional image, most likely because I was drawing at 2 am and get pretty damn impulsive and "settling" when I'm tired. Out came a slew of various eraser type things for the hair. Have I made my statement now? Close. It's time to take a day's step away, choose the next piece, and go back. It is shocking how much a bit of time, or a photograph, allow you to see an artwork objectively. Til tomorrow you contrary bitch........ ;)

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