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  • Ellen Liguori

Gaze 2

Coming to life....

Funny anecdote about this piece's journey. I have this persistent habit where, when I am starting to tire and should stop and step away, or, am compelled to do a real life thing, like shuttle a kid or sleep, I make a few last minute quick swipes and strokes with my medium (here, the charcoal) and walk away until I can return to the work. This impulsivity has yet to prove itself helpful. On this piece the subtlety of the obscured eyes is my challenge. One is hardly visible for the glare, and the other is obscured but reflects an emotional countenance in it's gaze. I was feeling I had, mostly, succeeded in rendering these subtleties behind each lens until the fateful moment when I had to get into the van for boy retrieval. Naturally, impulsivity with it's wayward charcoal strokes had its way. Upon return from my real life errand, I was met with my recently, and effortlessly created, most definitely, pair of crossed eyes. Distinctly UN-subtle. Hopefully, we've moved past the "incident". Moral of the story, don't do anything but art-ing, ever. Lol.

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