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  • Ellen Liguori

Collage 7

Holy Cazolly! This commissioned 3' x 4' piece has taught me a lot about scale. Such a large collage requires bold elements. I've noticed that some of the more detailed bits I had planned on working with, are too fussy in this format. I suppose my collages are eclectic, multi-faceted, and busy in their own right. That, in itself, hopefully, creates a pleasing mood of controlled chaos, sooooo..... out with the tiny, and in with the bold, and, of course, some gold. No cohesion yet. Still creating, repurposing, and editing. Once the elements are refined, the placement honed, I will create harmony by blending a selection of unifying colour and metallics into the elements and background. I celebrate that part of the process. Until the piece takes on a life of its own, I continue to muddle thru. The "dolce" I began tonight, means "to play sweetly" and was given to me when I requested a symbolic word from my music teacher patron. I love that. More colour in my dolce tomorrow......

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