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  • Ellen Liguori

Collage 4

Another collage element in the works. This element began with giant loopy cursive letters, spelling the word MUSIC around the page. Enhanced by line and shading and pattern, the devil is in the details. I love the freedom of this, but the compositional challenges will be in blending the pieces into a magnificently non-cohesive whole. There is something magical about a cacophony of pattern, texture, tone, and colour, creating the unpredictable, like a psychedelic tapestry. Collage is it's own thing, and an artistic release valve, between more structured works. I can't wait to get to the moving bits around the part. It's a ways down the road, but anticipation is building. This will be my largest collage at 3'x4'. With piles of abstract drawing, and bits of 80-year-old sheet music, some selectively torn older works, all blended into an unpredictable whole. What fun.........

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