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  • Ellen Liguori

Collage 16

Tonight's element. The composer of the piece referenced in the collage was Chopin. His music was described as "cannons hidden among flowers". I have felt that, listening to the Youth Orchestra playing certain pieces. That emotional dichotomy in music is, for me, the most beautiful. The layering of gentle and lilting over fierce and intense is when I am enthralled. As I look at the collage in progress, I see a visual of intense heaviness, in the dark and fat ink lines, interspersed with the delicate shading of charcoal and graphite, on the background of morphing color. I am aware of an unconscious feel in the piece that reflects a similar dichotomy. Once I find myself deeply engaged in a particular art piece, the emotional response I have for the subject matter pushes it's way into it in ways I'm not aware of until it rises to the surface, and becomes spirited. I like the organic process of that. It often surprises me. Tomorrow we find the placement for our hidden cannon within the collage.....

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