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  • Ellen Liguori

Collage 12

Well, 3'x 4' is a A LOT of collage. Every element being hand drawn or painted. I want to make another 3 small pieces and one larger element, to place in the composition. Probably close to 30 in all. The word "dolce" appears 3 times so far and I now know, that it means to play softly and sweetly. I'm enjoying the dichotomies..... street art elements, amidst vintage music, next to abstract elements, a hand inked written bit of Chopin Nocturne No. 2 in Eb, and graphite pieces drawn with intention. Out comes the glue, then the paints, bringing a much needed cohesion. I have fun plans for Mr. Hand #5. He will be a pivotal part of the composition. This one has been grueling, but I'm closing in on completion. How on earth will I remove each element to be glued in its' painfully selected perfect spot? Wish me Godspeed.

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