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  • Ellen Liguori

Somewhere 2

A decent start. The proportions are my biggest challenge and I make liberal use of the eraser. This surface doesn't really let go of all the charcoal pencil, but tomorrow I start color pastel over the charcoal drawing. Problem solved, hopefully. I'm excited to add the color and see for myself if chalk pastel on suede board has the luscious end result I've heard about. The hard lines will be replaced by softness, reflecting the spirit of the sitter. The reference photo has an emotionally layered presence, that I hope to capture in the end piece. Tired, and I've learned from experience, this tired artist is an impulsive artist. That's not always a bad thing, in some collages, for example, or even when I am in the zone on a piece after the initial journey is well under way. In the early stages of a tightly proportioned portrait, impulsively often leads to damage control. Tomorrow's a new day......

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