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  • Ellen Liguori

Somewhere 10

Tomorrow's all about refinement. Right shoulder really isn't finished, but I'm weary tonight. The hair is harder for me than more specifically shaped features, like eyes or nose. It's really a collection of selectively placed, and valued, abstracts shapes. I often lose my place, so to speak, Down to the final finishing details. A little highlighting, low lighting, backround and a cropping decision. This piece was a lot of studied focus. I'm due for a crazy, free spirited collage, next. Ok, a bit of hardcore drawing included. Can't let those amazing photo shoot images go to following a map with unknown edges. Tomorrow, I'll tweak any values that need it, darkening , adding light and brightness to really bring her alive. A backround shading to enhance select features. My model was weary and subdued, distracted, her mind elsewhere in this shot. I found her, especially beautiful in this genuine and vulnerable state. For me, this painting will be a success if the viewer can feel the deeper moment, and see her beauty is enhanced by that earthiness.

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