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  • Ellen Liguori

Somewhere 1

Well, this has been an excruciating start, but for all good reasons. After a photo shoot with brave Brenda, I have a plethora of beautiful reference material. Analysis Paralysis had set in deeply, for both the choice of reference photo, and choice of surface. I am always particularly challenged by the placement of my intended composition in right place on the surface. If the surface size is predetermined, like that of a stretched canvas, I, with almost surety, will misjudge, regardless of excruciating care. So in my attempt to foil this, I purchased a, new to me, stiff suedelike paper that can be cut to adjust composition as needed. I have, of course, placed my image to close to the edge, once again forcing a compositional redesign. But.....I am over the moon to finally get started, having learned from the ever patient staff at Mona Lisa, that pastels will look glorious on this new surface. Fingers crossed, I don't mess up again on my $11 piece of paper........

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