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  • Ellen Liguori

Birds of a Letter 2

Making slow progress. Only 20 more to go. 20 1/2, as the top right is half done. Holy Cazolly, what a challenge. The first piece in this style, done for a Launch party was on a 2x3 foot page. These are 5x7 inches and the size makes them surprisingly challenging. First, because each has a subtle hidden alphabet letter, and secondly, the balance of busyness to negative white space is infinitely more evasive. Negative space has all but bitten the dust completely in some pieces. And, creating a unique birdlike creature while using a single letter for its bones, so to speak, requires a fair bit of scrutiny in these, much smaller, dimensions. I am, for sure, concentrating very deeply and having heaps of fun. SPRUCE MEADOWS CHRISTMAS MARKET is just a week and a bit away. Onward and upward. Come to Spruce and see this completed series, Birds of a Letter, or Alphabirds, or......... Dates to follow.

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