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  • Ellen Liguori

Birds of a Letter 3

Holy Cazolly, what a crazy journey. The last five of my 26 Birds of a Letter series. Hopefully off to the photographer and the printer for their debut at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market. Short a helper so they may be ready Saturday. I'm quite happy with the evolving mood of this alphabet bird series. Letters hidden in the forms of individually designed birds of whimsy in time for Christmas. I'm working on the Plus sign to unite the first initials of young loves. Doing 26 pieces in a theme was new to me and as each bird emerged, a mini evolution to the next began. I was challenged and charmed by the playful test of imbedding each letter and creating a gaggle of novelle fantastical birds. I love line work, and am quite inspired by the bend and thickness of a line, the interplay of bold and graphic patterns and the puzzle-like process of hiding a letter within the rendered creature. I also love a work created with an imbedded hidden message, as done in the "Stand Together" mantra recently completed for a Launch party. Hope to see y'all at Spruce Meadows Market, on for the next 3weekends.

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