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  • Ellen Liguori

Stormlit 1

I have such respect for the folks who photograph art. Somewhere in between these images is the true representation. Not done yet, but it's official. We have COW! Thanks to a friend with country roots, and a stunningly beautiful piece of the world, a drive long past Longview, ok, not so long, but how could I not say it, I photo'd to my heart's content. Cows, horses, scenery, machinery, hay, fencelines and empty country roads, all beneath a spectacular wide open Alberta sky. The original intent of this piece was all about the muted clouds and 3 cows in an edgy silhouette. While another day for the intended piece may arrive, my poor shrivelled hands, rendered crispy and prunelike as hours of chalk pastel work sucked their moisture away, apparently had a different view in mind. The chalks decided muted no more, soft, perhaps. But then..... the first cow arrived, and decided not only was edgy silhouette to be dashed and replaced by an impressionistic dirty orange, deeply shadowed and backlit bovine, but two would surely be enough as only 2 and no more, could compete, in this piece, with the not-to-be-so-soft sky. As COW #1 made herself visible, it became obvious that that soft sky needed to share her pumpkin tonality, at least a little. COW #2 promised to lay partially hidden and shadowy amongst the flowing oats, also yet to emerge. I suppose the chalks will have their say about that. The one true and original intent that has held it's ground, is an energetic and variable cloud play, of so many colors flowing, blending, and overlapping. The most recent addition, of that pumklin hue, creates a companionship to our bossy bovine, who so curiously stared me down as I pointed a lens her way. I'm happy to see the progress and spared myself the open indulgence of my "time to get a real job" whining through the journey during my typical "all is lost, scrap this one" moments. It's a bit like a personal stage fright. I'm sure to go a few more rounds before the finish, but I do believe we have ourselves a good solid direction. My hands beg for moisturizer, off I go, in search of.....

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