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  • Ellen Liguori

More Green Than Blue 3

Finally turning the corner. I'm thinking the shirt will be very loose, as in swishy brush strokes, or more specifically, pastel strokes, vaguely implying contours. There is, once again, a lot of busy-ness in the hair and the eye needs a place to rest a bit, I think. I swear, my next image is going to be sans hair. Toying with the gold leaf concept. I'm not quite feeling satisfied, but have gratefully passed thru the obligatory stage, "Who am I kidding? I need to get a real job." This is the, "Time to make it sing. And how do I exactly make that happen??" stage.

I missed my new found love, the suede board surface, doing this piece. It makes blending the infinite layers and strokes easier. As usual, every misstep, like the ill chosen surface, forces an adjustment in approach building my experiential skill set. A lot like life, and a very lot like raising teenagers. On that note, I dearly wrestle with stand back and watch the "failure breeds success" portion of parenting. In the end, looking back to art answers a whole lot of questions about life.

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