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  • Ellen Liguori

Away 10

Finally! All done, except a signature.

This one was an artist's journey in texture between, the boy's nubby knitted and ribbed hat (new to me, and not to be repeated anytime soon), and his hair. I enjoyed the flyaway wisps escaping the contentious cap. I'm finding satisfaction in his sunlit lashes, including the journey to Mona Lisa's Art Supply, experimenting with, probably, no less than 7 pencils and assorted tools to render them. I am now the proud owner of a battery operated eraser, compliments of Mona Lisa. Who knew?! The lovely people there took pity on my dilemma of lifting the smudgy, tightly worked eye area into tiny little whitish strokes to indicate eyelash tips dappled in light. Really those lashes were the reason I took the photo to begin with. There is gratification with our boy's expressive eyes and lips, in that, I think, I just may have captured his subtle, yet complex expression. To me, he seems both wise and distracted, mildly perturbed by the viewers' atttentions pulling him away from deep reverie.

On to the next, right after re-establishing order in the neglected homestead.......

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