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  • Ellen Liguori

More Green Than Blue 1

We'll see....

As is often the case, what looks interesting in the photo, in this case, the teal, can sometimes make a rocky transition to a painting. At this early stage I find it overwhelming, but critical compositional elements are yet to arrive. The right side of the image contains the deepest and lightest, brightest values side by side. This will strongly draw the eye and subdue the effect of the teal. If the teal's determination is still undaunted, I am toying with a few options to bring it into a more balanced submission. Perhaps some collage elements. I fancy some winged creatures fluttering, or some metallic elements. We New Jersey girls love our bling ;).; It is possible my vintage music sheets could make an interesting addition, but maybe not. The painting's direction was intended to have some edge. It might be challenging to blend that with vintage. In good time, hopefully, the painting will take over and lead me to its' intended destination. In the mean time, I'll keep on with my dusty, chalky fumblings, looking for signs along the way.

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