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Collage Element

Music to my Ears


Achieving a Vision 

The Custom Collage Process

The Collaborative Interview

How to Begin

   A collage begins with conversation. Ellen will ask about the subject of the collage. It can be anything. An adventure, a person, a pet, an event, a passion, a location, a story, an experience......

She will seek your thoughts on visual representations of the collage subject, such as symbolism, descriptive words, images. An example such as a music note, a flag, a flower, an eye....

   A recent collage included vintage music sheets, a street art rendering of the client's choice of the word "dolce", symbolism such as birds and a woven nest, and many other references to music that were dear to the client.

   Painted, drawn, graphic, and abstract elements can be part of the piece, as well as memorabilia, provided by the client or scouted by the artist. Portraits of people or animals, landscape elements...

   It is often multimedia and can be either collaborative or solely the vision of the artist based on input from the patron.

PRICING is based on size, the type and number of elements included etc. Virtually anything is possible! 



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