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  • Ellen Liguori

Stand Together 3

This is the final artwork prepared for the Artconnex launch. The piece began with the phrase Stand Together with wildly placed cursive writing as the bones of the drawing. The lower right corner reveals a bit of the lettering. The bird in the upper right was created at the event using the musical expressive term "forte" ( loud, strong). The symbolism of entwining legs and the traits of knobby knees, beaks, and wings represent the commonality of spirit imbedded in the artistic community with its' varied disciplines. The completed artwork symbolizes a message of unity amongst art disciplines, strongly standing together. The visionary behind the concept loved the piece. It gave him "chills". I think my work is done here. Nothing better than getting so much personal joy from a pursuit and having the end product have such a wondrous emotional effect on another being.

Art rocks.

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