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  • Ellen Liguori

Collage 13

This collage and I have been arguing for weeks now. We just couldn't seem to get our groove on. Drastic times..... I ditched the competing blue backround, unearthed a new canvas from storage, and changed the orientation. For the moment, I've left the plastic wrap on and, today, played hours of Tetris with artsy bits and sticky tape. I think we've taken on an engaging new direction. Chopin's music, referenced in this piece, was described as "cannons hidden among flowers". I'm determined to display that sentiment within the collage. Having attended more than my fair share of orchestral performances of late, that description beautifully resonates. It is the feeling I get hearing favorites of the music my son's orchestra performs. At the moment, the bird is delivering an elaborately adorned musical note to a yearning outstretched hand. Tonight, I needed to simply stare at this piece and wait for it to tell me where we shall go. The noise of the big blue is gone, and after an hour or so of quiet reflection, I think I may be be able to hear it's whispers. The past weeks' frustration is morphing into excitement for tomorrow's work. This has been a learning journey, my first very large collage. All manner of novel tactics have been discovered and employed so far. Onward, to cannons and hearts and gothic arches and gold leaf and flow, as this is, most certainly, a particular labor of love.

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