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  • Ellen Liguori

Brown Eyed Boy 3


Art 1

Laundry 0

I almost gave up on this piece. There's this, almost, persistent mental questioning that I go thru in just about every piece. I start out liking the first pass at detailing a portion of the piece, for example, the eye in this one. As soon as I move on to the next section, the values change completely, compared to the backdrop of the empty white surface, and I seriously contemplate giving up art altogether and getting a real job ;);). This happens regularly enough that I, mostly, power on thru. On some art pieces, I can repeat this cycle numerous times. On a particularly heinous day, I regret not putting in laundry time. Today was not that kind of day.

Stinky socks be damned, Kenna Kizan. Stinky socks be damned.

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