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  • Ellen Liguori

Stormlit 2

So, we have some evolution. It's dark here now and artificial lighting tends to wash out the piece, while the phone camera tends to intensify contrast. At this stage, I am focusing on three major areas. The bottom left corner is, sort of, my experimental place. In the current light, there is a somewhat bright pop of chartreuse. Tomorrow, in light of day, I will decide if it will be a dramatic tool in driving the eye throughout the composition. I often do this with red but not here. It could be that the additional movement, direction, and contrast in the clouds, created in today's efforts, does that work well enough but only daylight will allow that decision. I also am focused on ensuring the darks that divide the layers of sky are deep enough to create the sense of endless depth of distance I felt when taking my reference photo. Depth, dimension, colour and mood. Clouds, especially this last year here in Alberta, speak with elaborate, complex beauty. This has been a camera filling year of skies, and, of note, is the sheer variety of cloud types puffing out their cloud-y feathers on the canvas sky in a single moment. Perhaps since I've been so keen, I notice more, but as a lifelong lover of looking upward, this year has felt spectacular. Lastly 'lil cow is meant to be less intense and a minor focus. He and I will chat tomorrow.

This composition, on this long, slender ish work, offers challenges aplenty in keeping the viewer interested enough to move their eyes and savour the entirety. I thought today was the last, and my favourite part, with an exaggeration of light and depth that, on a good day, makes a work an artwork for me. As always, I'm not quite as far as I thought, but tomorrow, for sure, for sure.

I think......

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