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Good morning Ellen,


Thank you again for the portrait you created of our two dogs. You really captured them in the work, right down to Mr. Green's sweet demeanor and Mac's gruff appearance!


The picture was a gift for my husband, and when I gave it to him, it brought a tear to his eye! It now hangs with pride above his desk.


It means so much to us, as our dogs are getting older and are in poor health. The portrait is a touching memorial that we will cherish.


You are a wonderfully talented artist and were kind and patient with me as we made several revisions of the work in order to get it just right.


I look forward to seeing more of your work on your website, and I wish you and your family all the best.



Cynthia Roebuck


          I had a vision to gift my husband an incredible piece of artwork (for his birthday)  that would thoroughly capture his love for our farm and for our Gypsy Vanner horses here in CT.  I contacted Ellen and began by sending her videos and pictures of the property and the horses that we hold most dear…our babies.  There is a certain expertise that is required to make our horses come alive on canvas and to paint them in such a way that their nuances and mannerisms are depicted.  Our property is in a transition phase….specialty rock walls are being built and there were certain “key” items that were so important  in this piece of artwork to capture. She used some incredible talents to incorporate all the important pieces that we were looking for and to make them “alive” in this artwork.  We are totally in love with this piece…it holds such an important place in our hearts and in this chapter of our lives here on the farm as we evolve…..thank you Ellen!






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